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New Wine Ministries was founded August 1990 and incorporated October 5, 1990. 

After being called to the Gospel Ministry and six years of study and preparation, God sent a lady into my Jewelry store located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma to give me a check for $4,000.00 and a word from HIM stating; "It's time to officially start your Ministry." I took the check to the Bank and told the teller that I wanted to open a checking account. She asked me what name I wanted to use for that. I had not thought about that at this point. I closed my eyes and said: "Lord, what name do I use?" I immediately had a vision appear that included a Dove alighting with a wine chalice pouring out wine that erupted into flames. Underneath that were the words "New Wine Ministries". The lady who had given me the check, then sent a friend of hers to me who had the same vision about my Ministry name and hand drew a picture that I use as my Ministry Logo. The Lord then moved upon me one day while working and told me to sell the Jewelry business and start a church for all of the people I was ministering to daily through my business and other contacts. My "Brook"dried up. I had no customers come into my store for a week...only people needing Ministered to. I told Him to send me a buyer and I would. Two days later a man walked into my store that instigated the sale. I then fasted and prayed, seeking His guidance...He began showing me where and how to birth "New Wine Christian Center" in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. After six years of Pastoral care, He then instructed me to move to Skiatook, Oklahoma. I now Minister in many different venues as He leads and instructs. 

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